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  • LED barricade flashers consume a fraction of the battery power of old style incandescent lamps.
  • Photo-cell controlled to turn off during the day when not needed (saves battery life).
  • Two settings to choose from- Steady-On or Flash.

Two styles to choose from for the same low price:

  • Standard which uses one 6-Volt lantern battery (larger case) or the
  • Compact 3-Volt model which uses two D-Cell flashlight batteries (Batteries sold separately.)


LED barricade lights are essential to drivers as i
t helps them quickly notice the traffic control barriers, as well as the signage. To ensure maximum brightness, we only utilize modern LED technology for our barricade lights, and most of them utilize “D-cell” batteries.

Additionally, our barricade lights are also available in the standard LED barricade light, as well as in the lower maintenance solar-powered LED barricade light. For both day and night time use, we do recommend the B-lights as they offer excellent visibility.

  • One 6 volt lantern battery or two can be used to operate the barricade light.
  • Features “Steady-On” or “Flash” light settings.
  • Durable enough to work in various weather conditions.
  • Made from high impact polypropylene and is UV stabilized.
  • NCHRP-350 certified and meet MUTCD standards.


Our LED barricade lights available in our store have met the standards set by the MUTCD and ITE when your construction or roadway projects need constant burn and strobe warning lights.

The Traffic Safety Store offers both battery-operated and solar-powered lights that can be tailored in a way that will meet the needs of you and your work crew. This means that if you need a particular lens color or a specific voltage level, then you will find the solution at our professional traffic safety equipment store.

LED barricade lights are made of high-quality materials so you can work with confidence that these LED barricade flashers will last through a range of weather conditions and engineered for durability.


Our LED barricade light available in our shop are made to withstand rugged work-zone use, and it can be used in the day and night time. This means that you won’t have to worry about lights not warning oncoming traffic of your presence, and you will be confident. Charging happens during the day, and we can guarantee that it'll still successfully charge despite the overcast conditions. We also offer LED barricade lights that turn off during the day to help you save battery life.

Unlike other barricade lights, our unit is maintenance free and operated by rechargeable NiMH batteries. This gives you the assurance that it's durable and long lasting. Also, the circuit module is enclosed in epoxy for protection against shock damage and moisture which could potentially damage the device.

  • It comes with a breakaway internal candle and a durable copolymer case that's completely redesigned.
  • Operation has never been more convenient, because of the snap-lock case, and the batteries are vertically positioned.
  • The case is capable of remaining closed and secured even when it's been handled roughly, especially during service work or transportation.
  • It features an impact absorbing breakaway candle that protects it from getting damaged internally.
  • Bright LEDs that are power efficient, moisture-proof, and user-friendly.


With this LED barricade light, you'll be able to perform your traffic tasks more efficiently; no matter how dark the area is, or how bad the weather might be.

You just have to set up the light to your barricade or even on the channelizer drum, and you'll be highly visible to motorists and pedestrians.

  • To block incoming light, it's important to cover the solar collector completely. To test flash modes, you just have to press the button on the side of the flasher between flash and steady burn.
  • In cases where the unit does not flash, then you have to recharge the batteries, as it probably wasn't fully charged.
  • The flasher should be placed in the bracket or socket. Make sure the flasher hole is aligned with the device's mounting hole. However, because not all traffic control devices come with a hole, you might have to drill one if ever.
  • A tamper-proof bolt should be inserted through the inside of the cup, then through the mounting plate, and finally, into the flasher mounting hole. A 1/2” driver wrench is ideal for this.


With so many industrial and commercial applications for the LED barricade lights, it can be difficult to understand the type of LED barricade lights you need for your project. The Traffic Safety Store has years of experience helping customers just like you choose the perfect LED barricade lights for any project or application.

Give our trusted experts a call when you are ready to find the traffic safety supplies you need. Our team will work with you to find the best solutions to your problem, and our commitment to speedy delivery will have your traffic safety products delivered to you in no time. Contact us today to learn more!